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Practice Cold Weather Safety This Winter.

The winters in Canada are cold, there is no debate about that. For most of us, the cold is an annoyance only when we go to and from our vehicles. For some, the cold is where they work and it is important to be safe when working outside this winter.

There are several ways you can remain safe when working in cold conditions, including:

Make sure you eat plenty of food before you work in the cold. On that same note, keep yourself well-hydrated because you will dehydrate faster in cold weather. Eating enough food during the day will also give the body the nutrients it needs to stay warm in cold weather.

Working outdoors in the cold is never fun, but by getting enough sleep at night you will remain alert when working in the cold.

Breaks during work are vital when the weather is cold. You should plan warm-up times to avoid any cold weather conditions like hypothermia.

Keeping dry is very important in cold weather. If you are wearing damp clothing, your body temperature will drop faster. You should wear a moisture-absorbing base to soak up any sweat. On your outer-layer, wear something that is waterproof, especially when it is snowing.

Always, always, always dress for the conditions. When you wear proper gloves, socks and footwear, you can adjust yourself to the conditions. Wear layers so you can remove what you need to when it warms up, but so you still remain warm. Choose headgear that keeps you warm as well.

If you are working in the cold and you develop shivers or you are unable to feel your extremities, get to a warm location immediately. Hypothermia is a dangerous condition that can sneak up on you without much warning.

Remember to always take into account the wind-chill of where you are working.

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