On The Move Safety

Servicing Western Canada, On The Move Safety specializes in Transportation and Occupational Health and Safety. The team at On The Move Safety has spent the last 10 years in the safety and training sector.


Owners Ken and Vicki Baird both have experience as commercial drivers, prior to their roles as instructors and certified safety professionals. 

Vicki Baird is also a Canadian Registered Safety Professional and Certified Safety Professional.

Our Team
Vicki Baird, B.COMM, CRSP, CSP, OH&S

vicki@onthemovesafety.com| Phone: 780-497-8225

Vicki works as a safety advisor and auditor. She earned her Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation in May of 2008. In January of 2012, she achieved her Certified Safety Professional (CSP) designation. Currently, she is a full-time auditor and consultant for both National Safety Code Compliance (COR) and Partners in Injury Reduction. 

Ken Baird, OH&S

ken@onthemovesafety.com | Phone: 780-904-7453

Ken is an instructor in commercial driving training courses, including fatigue management, hours of service (federal and provincial), trip inspection, cargo securement and weight/dimensions. Ken is a certified third-party auditor with Alberta Transportation.

Craig Baird

craig@onthemovesafety.com | Phone: 780-235-5802

Craig has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and spent ten years as a journalist at newspapers across Canada. Today, he handles the multimedia and IT needs of the company and for our clients.

Laya Baird

layla@onthemovesafety.com | Phone: 780-233-3340

Layla is an NSC Advisor who works with clients to help them get ready for audits, while also serving as the office manager. Layla helps through a number of capacities in the business.

Molly Donovan

molly@onthemovesafety.com | Phone: 587-988-5989

Molly is an NSC Advisor & Workshop Coordinator for On the Move Safety. She is currently working to obtain her Bachelor of Commerce Degree, in addition to her other NSC Advisor duties. 

Nadine Ireland

nadine@onthemovesafety.com | Phone:780-983-5889

Nadine is a log auditing specialist, which is a major part of what we do here at On The Move Safety.

Shirley Wagner

shirley@onthemovesafety.com | Phone: 780-232-6882

Shirley is a Log Auditing specialist. Log Auditing is a major part of what we do here at On The Move Safety and we take pride in having such a specialist work with us. 

Kevin Sowers

kevin@onthemovesafety.com | Phone: 780-983-5889

Kevin is another of our NSC Advisor's who currently specializes in creating and upholding an accurate log book filing room, and providing NSC advisory services

Dan Powers

dan@onthemovesafety.com | Phone: 780-232-6882

Dan is an On The Move Safety's NSC Advisers, and works with the rest of the staff to create a cohesive and productive environment .

Faith Witherow

faith@onthemovesafety.com | Phone: 780-232-6882

Faith is On The Move Safety's Multimedia associate. She works with clients to ensure all media meets the specifications outlined by you. 

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