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Log Book Auditing 101 Workshop



Our Log Auditing 101 Workshop was designed by Vicki and Ken Baird to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of relevant legislation concerning logbooks and performing internal logbook audits.


Throughout the course, participants will receive instruction per their company's status (i.e. provincial or federal) and, in addition to several exercises, will also perform a guided logbook audit with assistance from our qualified instructor. We strongly recommend this course for all companies wishing to get into compliance or for those who wish to gain a greater understanding of the current legislation.

Limited Space Available

Vicki Baird, CRSP, CSP

Iron Horse Risk Management Ltd.


Ken Baird, OH&S

Iron Horse Risk Management Ltd.

$200.00 plus GST per student

**Now ONLINE (Via Zoom) for your Health & Safety during COVID 19**

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