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Management Consulting

We offer NSC advisory work and management consulting services to carriers throughout Western Canada and Ontario, who require assistance in achieving compliance. Ranging from on-site record-keeping, daily log and trip inspection audits to NSC administrator mentoring, spot checks and management system analysis.

In-House /Remote Training

Our wide range of knowledge and experience provides insight into all NSC regulations and procedures creating a solid base of training standards, which we can provide either in-house or remotely through video conference, ensuring all instruction is specific to your operations regarding cargo securement, weights and dimensions, hours of service, fatigue management, vehicle inspection, and defensive driving among other safety-related courses.

NSC Audits

NSC audits are a stressful time for everyone involved, even more so if you have never experienced an audit in the past. Both Ken and Vicki Baird have been performing these audits
since 2007, specializing in providing a sensible application to the process, creating a more relaxed environment and a better learning opportunity for all.


Let us put your mind and body at ease and allow us to assess your NSC systems with a fair and honourable approach.

COR Audits

Is your company looking into having a COR Audit performed? Vicki Baird specializes in performing comprehensive and accurate COR Audits and has been doing so since 2006.


Getting started on the right path is essential to develop and manage systems of process in all elements of safety. Providing the basics to get you started or to keep you in compliance with the Commercial Transportation Safety Regulations, our 2-day virtual NSC Seminars scheduled throughout the year will open the door and help guide you into the future.

On the Move Safety provides extensive safety services to their clients throughout Western Canada and Ontario. These services are provided by the skilled team of individuals within the company, due to their many years of experience and knowledge in their respective fields.

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