Family Owned.                Family Operated.


Based out of Central Alberta, Ken and Vicki Baird began On The Move Safety providing first aid instruction to companies throughout the prairies. Today, they have moved into the field of safety audits and now provide them throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

With a keen insight into Commercial Vehicle Regulations thanks to driving truck for years, they have an understanding of how the industry works and why safety matters so much in it.


The Team

Vicki Baird


Vicki works as a Safety Advisor and Auditor specializing in Transportation and Occupational Health and Safety legislation. She received her CRSP (Canadian Registered Safety Professional) in May 2008 and then achieved her CSP (Certified Safety Professional) in January 2012. Currently, she is a full time auditor and consultant for both National Safety Code Compliance and Partners in Injury Reduction (COR)

Ken Baird


Ken is an instructor in commercial driving training courses including fatigue management, Hours of Service (federal and provincial), trip inspection, cargo securement and weights/dimensions. Both Ken and Vicki are certified Third Party Auditors with Alberta Transportation.

Layla Baird


Layla Baird, daughter-in-law to Ken and Vicki, provides administrative support to On The Move Safety. Along with designing the logo for the company, she handles everything to do with the newsletter each month, along with other office duties. 

Craig Baird


Craig Baird, son to Ken and Vicki, provides website and technical support to the company.

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