Safety Resolutions

As we begin a new year, many are thinking about goals and resolutions that will improve their health or lives in 2016. Why not make improving safety in the workplace one of your goals for this year?


Workplace safety is about you and your co-workers having a safe productive day that ends with everyone going home to see their families. Being proactive about your safety and the safety of others, while being alert and aware when at work, will help reduce the chances of an injury or fatality. If you want 2016 to be a good year, thinking Safety First is a good start. 


To remind us all how dangerous the workplace can be, and how quickly a good day can turn into one of your worst days, we have only to look to the news. For instance, there have already been two workplace incidents in Alberta alone in 2016 that have claimed two lives, including one fatality and another critically injured in an explosion in Fort McMurray (, and another fatality at an Edmonton steel manufacturing shop after falling nearly nine metres off a tank (

These incidents are a chilling reminder of just how dangerous the workplace can be, and how quickly an injury or fatality can occur. Just think, all three workers had believed they would be returning home after a long day of work.

Perhaps the first resolution on your list for 2016, and every year after, should be to Be Aware and Stay Safe. 

Let’s all do our best to make it through 2016 without incident.

Craig BairdComment