The Steps To Workplace Safety

Our workplaces are a big part of our lives, but they shouldn’t be where our lives come to an end, or where our lives take a dramatic and tragic turn. For that reason, we need to think about workplace safety and how important it is. Thousands of people are injured on the job in Canada each year, but by following proper steps, we can limit workplace accidents and ensure that workers get home to their families each night.

1.      Keep your workplace clutter-free. A clean workplace is a workplace that is free of dangers. A build up of clutter at desks, machine stations and in walkways can cause accidents, as can stretching cords across hallways, under rugs and more.

2.      Always have a clear-line of vision when at your workplace to limit collisions with people and machinery. Have your workplace install convex mirrors to limit collisions at corners.

3.      If slipping is a danger at your workplace, talk to your employer about installing carpets, or skid-resistant surfaces to prevent falls.

4.      Injuries can happen in an office, just the same as they can in a warehouse. Stacking of items in an office, which can topple over if they are bumped, can cause injuries and that is why safe stacking is important. Always store heavy objects close the floor and keep in mind the load capacity of shelves and storage units.

5.      We spend a lot of our time sitting at desks. Proper ergonomics is important to keep our bodies from becoming sore and painful. One size does not fit all. A good chair and keyboard rest can lower workplace injuries greatly. Your feet should always touch the floor when working, and you can adjust your chair and keyboard tray accordingly to ensure that they do.

6.      Fires can break out in the workplace, and it is important we keep our workplaces safe from the danger. You should always maintain cords in good repair to prevent any exposed or frayed wires, and you should inspect all space heaters to ensure they won’t start a fire if they are tipped over. In addition, make sure you never block fire sprinklers, and never block escape routes or prop open fire doors.

A few steps for safety can go a long way in keeping all of us safe.