Be Safe At The Workplace

Your workplace is where you spend a lot of your time. Aside from your home, there is no other place you spend more time. It is important that you are safe at your workplace. There are a number of risks to be aware of, and to be careful of. These tips can help you stay alive, free from injury, while you are at work, especially in high-risk environments.

1.      The first thing you need to do is to understand the risks of your workplace. You need to be familiar with your job, and the dangers of the workplace so that you can lower your possible risk of workplace injury, illness, or death.

2.      Stress at the workplace is a silent killer. Long hours, heavy workload, conflicts with co-workers, all lead to stress. Stress can lead to problems with sleeping and concentration, which can impact how safe you are on the job. Find ways to relieve stress so you don’t have to be a danger at work to others.

3.      Breaks are there for you to get away from work and recharge. Breaks can keep you from getting burned out, or from being injured. Take a break when work is becoming too much for you. In addition, schedule your most difficult tasks for when you concentrate the best during the day.

4.      Stooping and twisting, especially when done several times a day, can lead to injury. Make sure your workspace is arranged in an ergonomic way to prevent injury. In addition, use mechanical aids whenever you can so you don’t injure yourself lifting, or moving something heavy. When you do lift something, lift with your legs, and keep the load close to your body.

5.      Always wear the PPE that has been assigned to you. If you wear the goggles, hardhat, earplugs, gloves and more in a proper fashion, you can reduce your possibility of injury on the job.

6.      Drugs and alcohol have no place at work. They contribute to three per cent of the workplace fatalities in the world, and you should never go to work under the influence.

7.      If you have concerns about the safety of you and your co-workers, talk to your employer or the manager of human resources about it. Your employer MUST provide you with a safe working environment.

Be safe!