Vicki Baird, CRSP, CSP 

Vicki Baird is a Safety Auditor for the Partners in Injury Program, and is certified to conduct Certificate of Recognition audits through:

  • Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships
  • Alberta Motor Transportation Association

All auditing is related to Occupational Health and Safety to prevent injury and fatalities. The work is very close to Vicki, whose father was killed by a pump jack in the 1960s. The pump jack on the company's logo is a memorial to him. 

Audits are conducted in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. Vicki is also a Management Consultant and she assists companies in becoming compliant with National Safety Code and Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

Ken Baird

Ken is an instructor in commercial driving training courses including fatigue management, Hours of Service (federal and provincial), trip inspection, cargo securement and weights/dimensions. 

Both Ken and Vicki are certified Third Party Auditors with Alberta Transportation.