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About on the move safety

Based out of Central Alberta, Ken and Vicki Baird began On The Move Safety providing first-aid instruction to companies and individuals throughout the prairies. Today, they have moved into the field of safety audits and now provide this service in Alberta and Saskatchewan. 



Specializing in Transportation and Occupational Health and Safety legislation, the team at On The Move Safety has spent the last 10 years in the safety auditing and training sector. 

Owners Ken and Vicki Baird both have experience as commercial drivers, prior to beginning their roles as instructors and certified safety professionals. 

Vicki Baird is also a Canadian Registered Safety Professional and Certified Safety Professional. 

Photo by vitpho/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by vitpho/iStock / Getty Images

The Team


Vicki works as a Safety Advisor and Auditor. She earned her canadian REGISTERED safety professional (Crsp) designation in may of 2008. In january of 2012, she achieved her certified safety professional (csp) designation. currently, she is a full-time auditor and consultant for both national safety code compliance (cor) and partners in injury reduction. 

Ken Baird


ken is an instructor in commercial driving training courses, including fatigue management, Hours of service (federal and provincial), trip inspection, cargo securement and weight/dimensions. Ken is a certified third-party auditor with alberta transportation.

Layla Baird


daughter-in-law to ken and vicki is an nsc advisor, as well as the designer of the company logo, with post-secondary training in graphic design. Layla also handles various administrative duties and serves as the office manager and assists in workshops.

Craig Baird


Son to Ken and vicki, craig is the multimedia manager and provides technical support to the company and its clients. with training in computer programming and a computer science degree, craig also designs training software for the company. in addition, he provides website support, drone video operation and training video filming.